Airtel Xstream broadband plans to now offer Amazon Prime

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According to a report from OnlyTech, Airtel has revised its plan Xstream broadband offerings once more. The two base plans now offer more benefits as high-speed plans. The report mentions that Airtel is extending subscriptions to Amazon Prime, Xstream app, and more services. The 200Mbps and higher-speed plans remain unchanged.


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Readers should note that the updates are only meant for those cities where Airtel Xstream is available via LCO. The original base plan of Rs 589 currently offers unlimited data at 40Mbps speeds. The plan will still cost Rs 589 and include a free subscription to Shaw Academy, VIP service, and Fast Tag. Airtel will also include the Airtel Xtsream app services with this plan going forward.


The faster broadband plan of Rs 1,099 also accommodates the benefits. It will still cost Rs 1,099 per month but include Amazon Prime subscription too. The plan will continue to offer data speeds of 100Mbps and unlimited data. Subscribers will continue to get unlimited local and STD calls with this subscription. The updates seem to have been done keeping in mind JioFiber’s aggressive plans. The Amazon Prime annual subscription costs Rs 999 and it brings access to a lot of Amazon services.

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