Xiaomi 80W Wireless Fast Charging System: Full Charge In Under 20 Minutes

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Earlier this year, Xiaomi announced the Mi 10 5G in India with support for 30W wireless fast charging baked-in. Being one of the fastest wireless charging systems, the Mi 10 could fill up its battery wireless in just over an hour. While that is already fast, Xiaomi wanted it to be faster. Hence, at a global event today, Xiaomi has announced its 80W Mi Wireless Charging technology.


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There’s no doubt that the charging speeds are going to be faster, given the 80W output. Xiaomi is yet to explain how it has achieved this but it has released a demo to prove the same. On a modified Mi 10 Pro, the 80W system is filling up a 4000mAh battery in 19 minutes. Xiaomi says there are no conditions applied to this claim – you can simply keep charging it as you would normally.



In a detailed blog, Xiaomi says the 80W Mi Wireless Charging system is able to fill up the battery to 10 percent in 1 minute. In 8 minutes, it can fill up 50 percent juice. A full charge takes 19 minutes, which is on par with the fastest wired charging systems available on mass-market flagship phones.


Xiaomi is yet to announce the phone that will debut this technology. Based on past records and speculations, we assume the Mi 11, or Mi 20 (whatever Xiaomi ends up calling it) will feature the 80W system. This year’s Mi 10 was the first and only phone from Xiaomi to feature its 30W wireless charging technology.



The Mi 10T, which is the updated version of the Mi 10, skips wireless charging altogether. Xiaomi has upgraded the wired charging system to a 33W system, promising faster charging times. The Mi 10T Pro, however, retains the 108-megapixel main camera from the Mi 10 along with the Snapdragon 865 chip.


Xiaomi adds a 144Hz LCD display on the Mi 10T series. This display features a 7-stage refresh rate system that alters the refresh rate from 30Hz to 144hz, depending on the content. Xiaomi promises better battery life and jitter-free viewing experiences.

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