Whatsapp New Features Coming Soon : Here Details

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WhatsApp keeps bringing new features to improve the chat experience of its users. Like last year, this year also the company is going to roll out many new features. These features are being tested for the last few months. It is expected that a stable update of these features will be released in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp New Features

WABetainfo has recently spotted some of the new WhatsApp features for its beta app. The company is working on many new features for its Android users. These new features include separate ringtones for group calls, sticker animation, UI improvements for calls, and the return of the camera icon. According to WABetainfo, these new features are being tested in the latest beta versions of WhatsApp Android. Version will bring a new ringtone for the group call. The website says that the new ringtone will be looped.

3 Upcoming Whatsapp New Features 2020

Expiring Media

WhatsApp has been working on the Disappearing message feature for quite some time and according to the new report, the company is going to rollout the stable version of this feature soon. It has been revealed in the report that users can enable Expiring messages or Dissapearing messages to chat on or off at their convenience. However, this feature will not be available in group chats. Users will not be able to use it in group chats. In the group, this power will only be with the group administrator. Please tell that as soon as you enable this feature, 7 days old messages will automatically disappear from your chat box.

Calling User Interface

Another important update that works is UI improvements for voice calls. In the new UI, all buttons will move to the bottom of the display. WhatsApp will soon start showing camera shortcuts to its users. The company swapped icons with room shortcuts. The new features will soon be available to Android users. WhatsApp’s new feature ‘Advanced Search’ will also soon come for all users so that users will be able to easily search for photos, videos, documents as well. Now all the icons appearing during the calling will be at the bottom of the screen. In this, the disconnecting icon will be in the center. At the same time, the rest of the icons appearing in the screen such as camera switch, message, camera mic enable/disable will be seen in a straight line below.

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Multiple Device Support

WhatsApp has been working on the multiple device support feature for a long time and users are eagerly waiting for this feature. Recently a screenshot of this upcoming feature has been shared in the report which claimed that the company is planning to launch this feature soon. WhatsApp is constantly releasing new updates to make its platform user friendly and released a new Android beta update this latest WhatsApp v2.20.196.8 beta for Android gives us a glimpse of two features, including advanced search mode and multiple device support. The company has been working for a long time on the ability to allow a WhatsApp account to run on multiple devices. Advanced search mode has also been in operation for some time and the new beta version is showing some UI updates in it.

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