Know which goods belong to China and which from India, this is the way with mobile camera

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The growing tension between the Indo-China border has hit an anti-China wave in India. People have started boycotting made in China goods and are demanding a ban on Chinese applications. Amid the same, we now have a new app that lets you check if a product is Chinese or Non-Chinese using your phone’s camera.

The new application named “Made In India” has been published by Gurgaon-based developer The91Apps on Google Play Store. It was released on June 12 and currently has about 1,000 installs with a total user rating of 4.6 out of 5.

The app claims to find the consumer product company’s origin country through the barcode given on the product or its packaging. The main idea behind the app is to provide an opportunity for those who wish to support and promote local products.

How Does ‘Made In India’ Work?

The ‘Made in India’ app is available on the Google PlayStore in the Tools section and has been published by The91Apps.

The app allows you to scan the barcode or enter the barcode number of any product and it tells you where the product originated.

It is a very basic application and only needs access to the phone camera to scan the code.

You should be aware that the app tells you where the product originated, it does not tell you where it has been manufactured.

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