Doosra app will get virtual phone number

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Doosra app: What is it?

The Indian app Doosra will provide you with a 10-digit virtual phone number (without another SIM card) that can be shared with shopping places, stores, and more random places. This way, all the spam calls and messages with offers will be directed to the virtual number and your personal number will remain free from spams. You will be able to stay hidden when you choose to call back an unknown incoming number without revealing your phone number.

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The app has call logs that will list down all the calls, even the blocked ones. From the call logs, you can choose to return the calls or ignore them fully. The SMSs will also be available in the Doosra app. Messages with OTPs or other information will be sent as push notifications. Additionally, you can pause the call filter feature based on time and location.

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The Doosra app is available in two plans: the Rs. 499 plan for 6 months and the Rs. 699 plan for a year. Presently, you can avail a discount of 20% via if you wish to get hold of the service.

Doosra app: How to download?

The Doosra app is free to download via the Google Play Store and the App Store. All you need to do is:

  • Head to the Google Play Store or the App Store on your Android or iOS device, respectively
  • Search for the ‘Doosra’ app in the search section
  • Once found, tap on it and press the Install option to get it on your smartphone

How it works

Doosra stops all unwanted calls with a smart call filter on the app and gives users the power to decide which calls should reach their phones. With the Doosra app, users can call back unknown callers without revealing their personal number. In such cases, the recipient’s screen displays a system-assigned, random ten digit number.

Doosra is a paid service. The company will charge Rs 501 for six months and Rs 701 for one year, Vuchi said adding that the solution is being offered in collaboration with telecom players for giving the virtual number. For KYC, it is piggybacking on the personal mobile number. The portal seeks the personal number at registration to forward the calls coming to the virtual number, Vuchi said adding that it works for mobile calls and not for those made on platforms like Whatsapp and others.

Doosra App

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