Designer envisions a detachable camera module for phones, and it’s pretty cool

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Smartphones are now going to have detachable cameras that can be removed. Recently, many such smartphones have come, whose big camera bump is present in the rear. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is an example of this. Due to the large camera bump in the phone, it is difficult to keep it in the flat surface. If you too are troubled by such camera design, Yanko Design has brought a camera that detaches from your phone.


Yanko Design has just introduced this model as a concept. The company has named this design Mosaic. Mosaic is a smartphone camera module that can also act as a separate tool, separated from the body of the phone. This design can be quite useful when you do not want to take your entire phone with you. Another special feature of this camera module is that it also acts as an action camera like Go Pro.

On looking at the photo, you will find that a sling has also been given in it. With the help of this sling, you can hang the camera module separated from the phone in your neck. Along with the camera module, there is also an AAP case which keeps the camera lens safe inside the pocket.

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