Best AI Image Prompts for Bing Image Creator

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Image Prompts for Bing Image Creator

  1. Create a 3D illustration of an animated character sitting casually on top of social media logo ” Instagram”. The character must wear causal modern clothing such as Jeans jacket sneakers shoes. The background of the image is a social media profile page with username “yournamexyz” and a profile picture that matches animated character.
  1. Create a 3D illustration featuring a realistic 18 year-old boy busy to writing a coding on a chair in front of 3D logo of Snapchat. The character should have green and white pant coat tie,  With sneakers shoes, with glasses, The background of the image should showcase a social media profile page and the username “Deepak Chandra” and a matching profile and modify it.
  1. Realistic photo of a cute boy sitting on a logo chair of a social media logo “Snapchat”. wearing Top model clothes. The background is mockup of his Snapchat profile page with a profile name “DK Tech Hindi” and a profile picture . soft light reflection.
  1. “Realistic 4K photo of a handsome boy sitting casually on top of a social media glowing logo “tiktok”. The character must wear modern hoddy clothes. The background of the character is mockup of his tiktok profile page with a profile name “Deepak” and a profile picture same as character.
  1. Create a Disney Pixar image of a happy Boy setting on a chair, wearing a jacket. The background is Snapchat home page as a mockup with a profile name “Deepak” and a profile picture. light reflection from background.
  1. Create a 3D illusion for a profile picture where a 25 Year old cute boy in a white shirt Sitting casually on a Wingback chair. Wearing sneakers, he looks ahead. The background features “Deepak” in big and capital Orenge neon light fonts on the dark grey wall. There should not be his shadow, and there are wings to make it appear as if he is an angel.
  1. Generate a three-dimensional depiction portraying Lord Shree Ram returning to Ayodhya, adorned with a bow and arrow on his back. Enthusiastic crowds greet him with flowers, seeking blessings. In the foreground, a young teenager named “Harish” sits, clad in a saffron T-shirt, hands joined in prayer. Bold white letters on his back spell “Deepak,” and the newly constructed Ram’s Temple stands proudly in the background.
  1. Happy Republic Day 26th J 2024 is written on big flag of Bharat and a 25-year-old boy is standing in front of him wearing Army T-shirt, with name “Deepak” written on t shirt, and holding the bharat flag in his hand, 3D art painting realistic high quality photo.
republic day
  1. Generate a 25 years old Smart boy, Wearing White T shirt blue jeans sneakers and the name “Deepak” is written on his t-shirt and the boy is standing on the road with holding a national flag of India, and behind him is the Red Fort Delhi. And written on sky “Happy Republic Day Create 3D art painting realistic high quality photo.

10. Create an illusion the 25 year old boy closeup of lord Mahadev holding hand walking with a 20 year old boy wearing a saffron tshirt written name ” Deepak ” Big and capital font. both smiling. Background neon labels proudly display the caption ” Happy Mahashivratri ” , soft light reflection.

11. 18 years old boy walking and lord mahadev coming after him and your hand putting on boy head on mountains. Both are smiling. Boy is wearing orange t-shirt and name “Deepak” write on it. He looks very realistic, cute, shiva tilak decain on your head, and happy. very realistic pictures, high quality picture, realistic mountain, snowfalling moment.sun lights reflection in back. and “happy mahashivratri” write on sky.”

12. Create high quality realistic image, a 20 year old very cute indian boy is standing and praying infront of aadiyogi statue, people are gathered infront of statue to make it appear as realistic, boy is wearing casual yellow t-shirt with Shiv Tilak on his forehead, on his t-shirt his name “Deepak” should must be written boldly in black, environment is of snow fall, background is of mountain sight, image should ultra clear, hyper realistic.

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