Amazon Quiz Answers 2 November 2020 – Win 50000

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Amazon Quiz Today:- Hello Our Lovely Visitors! Welcome Back! Hope you well, So Today i’ll tell you Amazon’s Daily Quiz Answer. Here we’ll be Posting all the proper Answers of Amazon’s 28th October Quiz.
HereAmazon will be Asked 5 Questions and you have to submit correct answer all the questions and if you answer all the correct Answers you can Win Rs 50000 Amazon Pay Balance.

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Contest NameAmazon Quiz
Contest Date2nd November 2020
Quiz Time8 AM To 12 PM
Today’s PrizeRs. 50000 Amazon Pay Balance
Number Of Winners1
Winners List Will Declare On2nd November 2020

Amazon 2 November Quiz Answers:

Question 1: Who recently became the first batsman to hit centuries in back to back IPL matches?

Ans 1: Shikhar Dhawan

Question 2: Which of these actors is one of the producers of the movie Chhalaang starring Rajkummar Rao?

Ans 2: Ajay Devgn

Question 3: Which former model’s bronze statue was recently unveiled in her hometown of Sevniça in Slovenia?

Ans 3: Melania Trump

Question 4: What mandatory cloth is used in the making of this flag?

Ans 4: Khadi

Question 5: Which car manufacturer accquired this brand of cars in 1998?

Ans 5: Volkswagen

Contest NameAmazon Quiz
Contest Date31st October 2020
Quiz Time8 AM To 12 PM
Today’s PrizeRs 20000 Amazon Pay Balance
Number Of Winners1
Winners List Will Declare On31st October 2020

Amazon 31 October Quiz Answers:

1: What is the name of the Indian government.project that aims to connect more than 2.5 lakh Gram Panchayats with high-speed broadband?

Ans 1: BharatNet

2: With 87% of the votes in her favor, Jacinda Ardern has been re-elected for a second term as the Prime Minister of which nation?

Ans 2: New Zealand

3: Which recently released memoir is divided into four parts: “Wayward Child”, “Sing. Sing.”, “All That Glitters”, and “Emancipation”?

Ans 3: The Meaning of Mariah Carey

4: Located in a church in Italy, whose statue sculpted by Michelangelo is depicted in this picture?

Ans 4: Moses

5: Which nation does this fruit originate from?

Ans 5: Mexico

Amazon Today’s Quiz Answers [30th October 2020, 8AM To 12PM]:

Answer The Questions and Stand a Chance to Win Rs 15000

Q1-  Succeeding Jawed Ashraf, Vishal Sharma has been appointed as the Permanent Representative of India in which UN agency?

Q2-  Lewis Hamilton, Winner of the Eifel Grand Prix, represents which car manufacturer?
Ans2- Mercedes

Q3: Following the President’s resignation, the PM Sadyr Zhaparov also becomes the acting president of which country?
Ans3- Kyrgyzstan

Q4- Where in Italy is this UNESCO world heritage site located?
Ans4-  Pisa

Q5- Name this drink that shares its name with a borough in New York City.
Ans5-  Manhattan

 Contest NameAmazon Quiz
Contest Date28th October 2020
Quiz Time8 AM To 12 PM
Today’s PrizeRs 50000 Amazon Pay Balance.
Number Of Winners1
Winners List Will Declare On28th October 2020

Amazon 28 October Quiz Answers:

Question 1: In October 2020, a rare first edition of which children’s book has sold for £75,000 at an auction?

Ans 1: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Question 2: Padma Shri Recipient Shobha Naidu, who recently passed away, was known for which dance form

Ans 2: Kuchipudi

Question 3: According to the World Bank’s International Debt Statistics 2021, which country became the largest creditor?

Ans 3: China

Question 4: This player scored his one and only IPL century against which team?

Ans 4: Kochi Tuskers Kerala

Question 5: Which North American country’s national animal is this?

Ans 5: Canada

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