Aatmanirbhar App store Launching soon By Indian Govt

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India may soon announce its own ‘Atmanirbhar’ app store as alternative to Google, Apple

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Indian starting Soon and companies are calling for a local application store that does not charge a high service fee. This comes at a time when Fortnite developer Epic is enraged in a battle with Apple over its 30 percent cut on in-app purchases. Google has also asked developers to adopt its billing system by September 30, 2021.

A report suggests that the Modi government may soon announce India’s own application store as a Awesome alternative to Google Play And Apple’s App Store. This is set to be a part of ongoing efforts to make the country self-reliant or Atmanirbhar. Waiting For Experiencing Indian App Store User Interface

The Indian Bjp government already has an application called Mobile Seva. This is a mobile application store created to facilitate the process of development and deployment of suitable mobile applications for the delivery of public services through mobile devices. The report claims that the Modi government might just revamp this existing platform into a full-fledged app store.

Time will only tell if a national application store becomes successful and gains a prominent market share. Tech giants like Huawei, Samsung, and Amazon have tried but failed to gain traction with their own alternative app stores. It has taken these large conglomerates years to attract most of the popular developers and popular apps to their respective platforms. Ok

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